Hands Off My Body, Obama!

OK, I admit it: I’m a woman of the baby boomer generation. My activist brother gave me a subscription to Ms. magazine as soon as it launched, and I took to heart one of the rallying cries to girls and women at the time: “Take control of our own bodies!” Sure, it was mostly a call for abortion on demand, but I took it at face value, and have spent my subsequent life making sure I followed all the guidelines for a healthy, independent woman’s health care. I wasn’t going to be some kind of perpetual little girl, blindly “trusting” an expert doctor. I was going to educate myself, ask questions, make my own decisions! And now I’m supposed to just “trust” that Obama and the gang in Washington will be taking over this minor detail “for” me from now on? Sorry, but this sort of statement doesn’t give a lot of confidence:

President Barack Obama’s budget director rebuffed congressional demands for specifics on the administration’s multibillion-dollar plans for health care, telling lawmakers that deciding how the money is spent is largely up to them.[Emphasis added]

If anyone could point to ONE program, envisioned, executed, and managed as a result of such Executive-Congressional “cooperation” that has succeeded in its stated goals, I might start thinking about letting them extend their grasp. But asking any veteran how the VA system “serves” their needs sends me back to the barricades: “Hands off my body, Obama!”

For alternative solutions to the purported crisis, please see American Health Care, and the current cover story of our Independent Review, “Health Insurance before the Welfare State: The Destruction of Self-Help by State Intervention.”

Mary L. G. Theroux is Chairman and Chief Executive of the Independent Institute.
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