Tag: Insurance
Fixing California’s Growing Insurance Crisis
The State Needs Free Markets—Not More Regulations—to Solve the Problem
Tax Reform III: Tax Employer Health Care Benefits; Offer a Tax Credit to Health Insurance Purchasers
The Health-Care Insurance Quagmire as a Linguistic Problem
Peak Obamacare? We’re There
Obamacare Exchange Plans Have 34 Percent Fewer Providers than Non-Exchange Plans
Government’s Burden on Young Americans
Maybe the Government Just Shouldn’t Ask People if They’re Uninsured
Commonwealth Fund: “Underinsurance” Unchanged under Obamacare
Planned Rate Hikes Presage a Health Insurance ‘Death Spiral’
Did a Health Insurer Pay over Ten Times the Self-Pay Price for Outpatient Surgery?
Obamacare’s State-Based Exchanges Struggle with Surging Costs
Why Don’t You Own Your Own Health Information?
There Is No Real Increase in Insured under Obamacare
Access to Health Care Unchanged after Obamacare’s First Year
Are Health Plans That Cover Yoga the ‘Next Frontier’?
Obamacare’s Effect on Uninsured Is Trivial
CROmnibus and Cronyism for Blue Health Plans?
Consumer-Driven Plans Increase Share of Employer-Based Benefits
“Cadillac Tax” Will Hit 38 Percent of Employers in 2018
Administration Continues to Stonewall on Obamacare Exchange Enrollment
Obamacare Premiums Increased Dramatically for Every Age Group in 2014
Government Buries Evidence of Poor Access to Care under Obamacare
A New Obamacare Lawsuit from the Former Top Obamacrat
Obamacare Will Devour Your Pay Raise
Can Taxpayers Recover Hundreds of Millions of Dollars from Obamacare Exchanges?

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