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The National Debt and the Control of the House »

With Democrats back at the helm, more taxing & spending in sight?

Bolton: National Debt Constitutes “Economic Threat” »

U.S. budget deficit projected to push around $1 trillion in 2019.

The Growth of Discretionary and Mandatory Spending »

Side-by-side visualization of the growth of the fed!

Illinois’ Growing Public Employee Pension Liability Crisis »

Local governments are now having to reduce needed services to the public to pay for the generous pensions of retired government employees.

Construction of California’s Stonehenge Costing $3.1 Million Per Day »

Until the California Bullet Train project is canceled, the one thing that can be guaranteed is that its cost will grow even higher than the $77 billion it is slated to cost taxpayers today.

The Truth about Turkey »

Mounting debt and rising inflation are driving Turkey’s financial crisis.

DOJ Dishes Out Taxpayer Dollars »

DOJ appears eager to hand out millions of taxpayer dollars to just about any group that wants it. 

The CBO Agrees: It’s the Spending, Stupid! »

U.S. Government’s long-term budget outlook released.

NEA Grants for Clown College »

Of all the strange things that the U.S. government spends money upon, perhaps one of the strangest is a college for clowns.

Capping Federal Medicaid Funding Would Save $110 Billion to $150 Billion in 5 Years »

Arguably more important than repealing and replacing Obamacare, a longstanding Republican proposal to change how Congress finances Medicaid would reduce the burden on taxpayers by $110 billion to $150 billion over five years, according to a new analysis by consultants at Avalere. Currently, state spending on Medicaid is out of control because Medicaid’s traditional…
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