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Trinity Lutheran and a Response to Michael Stokes Paulsen and NRO
On May 3, The Wall Street Journal posted a short op-ed I wrote on the Trinity Lutheran case. (Sorry, but the op-ed is behind a pay wall; however, here is a blog post that gives some background to the case and my first impressions.) Professor Michael Stokes Paulsen, alleging I was “wrong on every...
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Joseph Sobran, 1946-2010
With sadness, I report the death of an old and cherished friend, Joe Sobran. Joe wrote and edited for National Review until he and William F. Buckley, Jr., had a falling out; he had a long-running engagement with CBS Radio as a commentator; and he wrote a syndicated newspaper column. For most of his life,...
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Ayn Rand Symposium at NRO
John Miller of The National Review asked a dozen of us to offer our views—in 200 words—on the relevance of Ayn Rand in the Age of Obama. Click here to read the responses. I discussed Rand earlier at this Beacon blog entry.
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