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Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Making Sense on Ending the “Slavery Blame-Game”
Henry Louis Gates, Jr. has never deserved his reputation on the right as a simplistic race-baiter. His book, Colored People: A Memoir, is proof enough of this point. For this reason, and others, my sympathies were generally with Gates when he alleged abuse by the Cambridge Police Department. My main criticism of Gates was...
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Dave Barry’s Review of the Year 2009
Syndicated columnist and bestselling author Dave Barry’s provides an incisive and hilarious, month-by-month review of the year 2009, “Dave Barry’s year in review: 2009.” As he begins: It was a year of Hope—at first in the sense of “I feel hopeful!” and later in the sense of “I hope this year ends soon!” It...
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Silverglate on Letting Torturers Off
Attorney Harvey Silverglate is unfortunately not a reliable source to defend the natural rights of the citizenry from the abuse of government agents. Like most “liberal” attorneys, Silverglate’s views are a mixed bag, even when his intent may be to defend habeas corpus. Incredibly enough, given his critique of the Cambridge, Mass., police in...
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Silverglate on the Gates Arrest
Harvey A. Silverglate has a wonderful piece on the neglected issue in the Gates arrest—the constitutional right to be rude to a cop, and the trouble with “disorderly conduct” as a class of criminality. A choice excerpt: It is not yet entirely clear whether there was a racial element to the initial decision by...
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Liberals Play the Race Card to Perpetuate the State
I agree that the Henry Louis Gates arrest incident has been misinterpreted by conservatives: one indeed has the right to security in one’s home, and should not be subject to arrest or harassment therein.
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