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Pandemics Are Not Recessions, And Pessimism Isn’t Logic
I thank Dr. Edwin G. Dolan for taking the time to critique my recent Independent Institute Executive Summary, A Pandemic is Not a Recession, in his April 15th blog posting for the Niskanen Center, “The Shaky Logic Behind Hopes for a Quick Recovery.” Criticism is valuable and necessary—though inaccuracies need to be cleared up...
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The Wasteful Priorities of Bureaucrats
As the deadline to the partial government shutdown neared in Dec 2018, State Department rushed to spend taxpayer dollars on an LGBT film festival in Mumbai
Crowdfunding the Government
Americans who support the President’s proposed wall are using crowdfunding to collect money to build a portion of it.
Federal Government Shutdown Theater 2018: The Drama Really Begins
This may be the most dramatic season of Federal Government Shutdown Theater ever!
Federal Government Shutdown Theater, 2018 Edition
Congress benefits from threatening government shutdown.
President Trump Starts Signing 2019 Spending Bills
The proposed spending bill funds key programs at a hefty price tag.
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