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Governor’s Appointed Commission Boosts Ruling-Class Pay Raises
The raise is not based on any performance measure, and that is also true for government employee unions.
Chicago’s Road to Dystopia Is Paved with Public-Pension Promises
Have you ever wondered what it would really be like to live in a post-apocalyptic dystopia?
Federal Agency Blames Diversity, Ignores Cause of Deadly 2017 Amtrak Derailment
As this case confirms, the NTSB is basically a historian of accidents and contributes little if anything to public safety.
Government Unions Keep Costs High for Taxpayers
Government employee unions are nothing more than a ruling-class special interest.
Will Janus Decision Mean Payback Time for Workers?
Government employee unions can no longer confiscate money from independent workers.
Push Has Come to Shove in Some California Cities
It seems that push has come to shove in some California cities. The Stockton City Council voted to give its City Manager the green light to file for bankruptcy—which could address the problem of that city’s debt, now thought to be in the range of $25-40 million. The City’s diminished income is not up...
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