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Ten Thousand Costly Regulatory Commandments
The Competitive Enterprise Institute has released its Ten Thousand Commandments 2020 report, describing the costly burden of the federal regulations imposed on all Americans and their businesses. Report author Clyde Wayne Crews highlights several of the 2020 report’s findings. Here are the top three takeaways:
Fighting Coronavirus by Breaking the Chains of Needless Regulation
The coronavirus pandemic is having a major effect on the operation of the U.S. government: It is revealing where the bureaucrats’ methods of business-as-usual obstruct the vital interests of regular Americans. The increased visibility allows the Trump administration to obliterate the regulations that provide little to no value for ordinary Americans.
Trump Administration Finds That Deregulation Is Getting Harder and Harder
Writing at the Washington Post, economics columnist Robert J. Samuelson considers the president’s track record on his deregulatory agenda and sees slower progress ahead. First, though, he notes several successes of deregulation:
All I Want for Xmas Is Fewer Regulations and Less Paperwork
2019 was another big year for reducing the burden of federal regulations on Americans, continuing a trend that President Trump initiated with Executive Order 13771 on January 30, 2017. That executive order set the goal that for every new regulation the administration generated, an average of two regulations would be eliminated. That’s something that...
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Unaccountable Bureaucrats Running Amok
Americans have little hope of challenging the rules that have been imposed on them by bureaucrats running amok.
Reducing the U.S. Government’s Regulatory Burden
Federal regulations and restrictions impose a very large cost on Americans.
Is the Largest Cost of Federal Regulation Not Measured? Insights from the (Growing) Wells Fargo Bank Scandal
A widely-cited study by W. Mark Crain and Nicole V. Crain estimates the cost of complying with U.S. government regulations at a staggering $2 trillion per year, an amount equal to 12 percent of gross domestic product. Annual compliance costs average about $10,000 per employee. Businesses in the service sector shoulder the biggest burden...
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Twelve Parallels in Political Economy
The federal budget is to a tolerable government as the Palace of Versailles is to a two-car garage. *** The Code of Federal Regulations is to the rule of law as a trainload of cyanide is to a nutritious diet. *** A member of Congress is to the preservation of our liberties as a member...
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