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How COVID-19 Blew a Hole in the Federal Budget
The Congressional Budget Office has just released a dismal update of the 10-year budget projections it released just six months ago. The update reveals how much the U.S. government’s fiscal outlook has changed for the worse because of COVID-19. That impact starts with a picture of just how big a hole COVID-19 has blown...
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Coronavirus Relief Blows Up the Federal Budget
The fiscal impact of the federal government’s coronavirus relief measures is likely to be dramatic.
Trump’s Budget Proposal Stakes Unique Position for 2020 Election
President Trump has released his budget proposal for the 2021 fiscal year. The first thing to say about it is this: Having just been acquitted in the U.S. Senate impeachment trial on a strict party-line vote in an election year, the president has zero chance of his budget proposal becoming law. In the current...
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Sidestepping Congress to Build the Wall
President Trump has demonstrated that he has a unique ability to drive the passions of his political opposition in the media.
Crowdfunding the Government
Americans who support the President’s proposed wall are using crowdfunding to collect money to build a portion of it.
Federal Government Shutdown Theater, 2018 Edition
Congress benefits from threatening government shutdown.
Binge Spending by Government Bureaucrats
With the close of FY18 looming, federal spending is expected to skyrocket.
President Trump Starts Signing 2019 Spending Bills
The proposed spending bill funds key programs at a hefty price tag.
The Growth of Discretionary and Mandatory Spending
Side-by-side visualization of the growth of the fed!
Federal Fiscal Year-End Spend-a-Thon About to Begin
With billions left to spend, cronyism will abound.
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