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Why This Gigantic “Intelligence” Apparatus? Follow the Money
The Washington Post published yesterday the first of three large reports by Dana Priest and William M. Arkin on the dimensions of the gigantic U.S. apparatus of “intelligence” activities being undertaken to combat terrorist acts against the United States, such as the 9/11 attacks. To say that this activity amounts to mobilizing every police officer in...
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Viva Las Vegas!
Jeffrey Tucker reports from FreedomFest. I’m not there, but Vegas is one of my favorite cities. It’s a place that’s coursing with energy. A couple of quick thoughts: 1. Market forces aren’t doing anything about the weather outdoors, but they’re helping alleviate it. My guess is that there’s someone on every street corner who...
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Former Tesla Executive Questions “Green” Corporate Welfare
In a December 1 article in Wired, “In Role as Kingmaker, the Energy Department Stifles Innovation,” former Tesla Motors Chief Marketing Officer Darryl Siry critiques the federal government’s campaign of “green” corporate welfare for the American automobile industry (Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing Loan Program). With the recent Climategate revelations that indicate that the stampede...
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Robert Higgs on Fox News: The Folly of Obama’s Spending Spree
Independent Institute Senior Fellow Robert Higgs is interviewed here by Judge Andrew Napolitano on Fox News’ program, “Freedom Watch,” regarding the utter folly of the gigantic federal spending programs first started under George W. Bush and now enormously expanded by Barack Obama and the U.S. Congress. Prolonging the recovery amidst enormous economic confusion and...
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Crony Capitalism
News item: Goldman Sachs surprised even optimistic analysts with a $3.44 billion profit for the three months to June, almost 90% more than the previous quarter. Profits were also up at JP Morgan Chase, which announced second-quarter profits of $2.7 billion on July 26th, which were 36% higher than a year ago. (“The World...
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“Uncle Jay” on Obama’s New GM and Supreme Court Nominee
Here is “Uncle Jay” this week on Obama’s new corporatist GM (a.k.a., Government Motors) and nomination of Sonia Sotomayor for the U.S. Supreme Court:
The Climate-Industrial Complex
In an article in the May 22nd issue of The Wall Street Journal, Bjørn Lomborg (former Director, Environmental Assessment Institute, Copenhagen) correctly discusses the climate-industrial complex, in which many top firms in the U.S. and elsewhere stand to greatly benefit financially from the gigantic wealth-transfer and cartelization schemes being pushed by Al Gore and...
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Save More and Live Better, Just Not at the Expense of Others
Walmart takes a lot of heat for its alleged effects on wages, employment, labor standards, and community quality-of-life. In research we’ve worked on over the last few years, my co-authors and I have examined the merits of these claims and have found that a lot of this heat is undeserved. Rigorous empirical research shows...
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Wall Street Journal Corroborates Independent Institute Study of Causes of Sub-Prime Meltdown
After many months of the “mainstream” media refusing to discuss the real causes of the sub-prime financial crisis, the deafening silence has finally been broken in a January 5th front-page article in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) that begins to unmask the truth. In “Housing Push for Hispanics Spawns Wave of Foreclosures,” Susan Schmidt...
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Calvin and Hobbes on Bailout Subsidies
When President George W. Bush was recently interviewed on CNN regarding the economy, he left us with another “Bushism” that will likely go down in history along with the economy his interventionist policies are destroying, “I’ve abandoned free-market principles to save the free market system.” Bush incoherently believes that corporatism (e.g., the bailouts) and...
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