Tag: CA prop 57
Bad Judgment on Deadly Violence
Judges are going easy on adults who commit deadly acts of violence.
Will Politicians Reform California’s Worst Pro-Criminal, Anti-Victim Laws?
Propositions 47 & 57 too lenient on criminals.
Judicial Waste, and a Warning for Post-Brown California
SB 1391 will bar prosecution of those as young as 14 as adults.
Proposition 47 Backstory to Mac Attacks?
Prop 47’s reduction in penalties incentivises criminals.
Latest Pro-Criminal Bill Awaits Jerry Brown’s Signature
Senate Bill 1391 would bar the prosecution of juveniles as adults.
Elimination of Cash Bail Bulks Up Government 
Taxpayers can be forgiven for seeing the bail “reform” as another payoff to government employee unions.
Two of CA’s recent criminal reform measures prove to be a waste of taxpayer dollars and utterly callous to victims of violent crime. 
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