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Why Do We Accept in Ourselves That Which We Condemn in Others?
There was a certain horrifying fascination to observe the speed and enthusiasm with which conservatives embraced the unprecedented growth of government power and size under George W. Bush in the aftermath of 9/11. A Crisis and Leviathan case study in the “ratchet-effect” of “crises”—documented brilliantly throughout by Bob Higgs and reprinted as our Resurgence...
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Judge Napolitano on Fox: Bush Is a Felon, Prosecute Him
This is some rather principled and thoughtful commentary. I hope to see much more like this on Fox.
Much More Than A Bailout
This will go down as a landmark day for American political economy. Far more than a “mere” multi-hundred-billion-dollar bailout, the package passed by the Senate and House with the support of most of the establishment and both major presidential candidates, which can now be expected to be signed by Bush, is indeed revolutionary as...
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War with Iran—Still in the Cards?
There is some concern brewing that Vice President Dick Cheney’s recent tour of the Middle East is a prelude to war with Iran. The justification would likely be two-fold: Iran’s meddling in Iraq and other support for Islamist extremists, and its supposed nuclear weapons program. According to last November’s National Intelligence Estimate, Iran has...
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