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The Origin of Bidenflation
The Real Cause of America’s Looming Food Shortage
William Barr’s Book Reveals More Than It Shows
Biden Should Open Negotiations With Russia
Biden Points to President Fauci
Biden, not “Big Oil”, is to Blame for Energy Price Spikes
Democrats’ Proposed Higher Cigarette Tax Would Harm the Most Vulnerable
Biden Military Betrays Misguided Priorities
The Biden Budget: Pandemic Spending That Never Ends
Reality Check Ahead on Deficit Spending
President Biden’s Climate Pledge: Aspirations Versus Policies
Who Is Paying for President Biden’s Spending?
Concentration Camps for Uighurs Reflect China’s “Different Norms,” Says Biden 
Does Burma Smackdown Signal Biden the Brave?
“Nothing We Can Do” About Trajectory of the Pandemic?
Is It Time for Republicans to Move Past Trump?
Riots Redux: Whither Portland . . . and the U.S.A?
The Aurora Shootings

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