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Raymond J. March is a Research Fellow at the Independent Institute and Assistant Professor of Agribusiness and Applied Economics at North Dakota State University.
New COVID-19 Vaccines, Same Sluggish FDA
Public Health Bureaucracies Consolidate Power as Pandemic Continues
Economic Miscalculation and the Covid-19 Pandemic
FDA Approves Blood Plasma as Covid-19 Treatment
Promising Alzheimer’s Drug on FDA Fast Track
Is the Covid-19 Pandemic Spreading Affinity for Socialism? It Shouldn’t!
Trump Signs More Executive Orders as a Last-Ditch Effort to Lower Drug Prices
State Mismanagement of Covid-19 Data Continues
Don’t Trust Government to Distribute Covid-19 Drugs
President Trump’s ‘Operation Warp Speed’ Vaccine Project Might Crash Into Perverse Incentives
To Make Drugs More Affordable, President Trump Should Focus on Price Competition
Are Special Interests Undermining the Quest for a Covid-19 Vaccine?
Coronavirus Corruption: Bad Incentives and Politics as Usual
Keep Government Out of Developing a COVID-19 Vaccine
More Executive Orders Will Not Fix Healthcare
Private Enterprise Continues to Flatten the Curve
Economic Prosperity or Pandemic Protection: Why Not Both?
Cut Regulations and Get COVID-19 Drugs to Patients
Right-to-Try Laws Can Help Drugmakers Combat the Coronavirus
To Battle Covid-19, Cut Regulation!
Favor Local Action to Combat the Coronavirus
FDA Acknowledges Coronavirus Is Causing More Drug Shortages
FDA’s Approval of Generic Daraprim Offers Lessons on Drugs Prices
Who Should Regulate Tobacco Products? Less Is More!
FDA Expands Ecstasy Access to Veterans with PTSD

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