Students: Break Free This Summer!

Join the Independent Institute this summer for its college seminars in Colorado Springs and Berkeley. These five-day programs feature lectures, readings, multimedia presentations, and group discussions on the fundamentals of free societies. Students will learn about ethics and liberty, Austrian economics, public choice, money and banking, the follies of socialism and interventionism, myths of the Great Depression, the costs of war, and why government fails us today.

Teaming up with the Daniels Fund, the Institute will host a program in beautiful Colorado Springs from June 17–21, focusing on free market economics and drawing on the Austrian, public choice, and neoclassical traditions. The faculty is outstanding. José Yulo (Academy of Art University, San Francisco) will deliver engaging talks on ethics and the origins of western civilization. Alexandre Padilla and John Cochran (Metropolitan State College of Denver) will cover free trade, public choice, money and banking, and the business cycle. Paul Prentice (University of Colorado at Colorado Springs) will speak on praxeology and apply market principles to modern statist problems in environmentalism and education. The Independent Institute’s Robert Higgs will discuss ideology, the welfare state, and the New Deal. Ivan Pongracic from Hillsdale College will lecture on regulation, monopoly, and the failures of socialist economic calculation. I will remind students that the negation of market dynamics means totalitarianism and lawlessness. Rocky Mountain students are especially encouraged, but all students are welcome to apply.

College students can also enroll in the Institute’s seminar on free enterprise and liberty at Berkeley, CA, from July 15–19. Higgs, Pongracic, and I will return and touch on new topics, joined by Benjamin Powell (Texas Tech University) defending immigration and globalization, James Ahiakpor (California State University, East Bay) on the grand legacy of Adam Smith, and Fred Foldvary (Santa Clara University) on monetary affairs and the history of economic thought.

What better way to break free from the statist quo zeitgeist of contemporary academia than to indulge in the revolutionary ideas of liberty and free markets in these great towns?

Scholarships for both seminars are available, covering registration, housing, and dining. If you or someone you know is interested, now is the time to enroll. Also, high school students who might be California’s Bay Area should check out the Institute’s seminar from July 22–26.

Anthony Gregory is a former Research Fellow at the Independent Institute and author of the Independent books American Surveillance and The Power of Habeas Corpus in America.
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