TSA’s Total Stupidity Agency Enters the Life-threatening Realm

It’s not enough, apparently, that the TSA has a well-established record for humiliating, degrading, stealing from, bullying, and terrifying the traveling public. Its agents’ arrogance is now moving into the realm of actually life-threatening.

A Type-1 diabetic teen’s insulin pump was broken by a TSA scanner, despite her showing a TSA agent her pump and providing her doctor’s documentation that she not be put through the screening machine.

Having thus caused her $10,000 pump to cease operating properly, TSA agents compounded their total ignorance:

She says TSA agents then made the situation worse when they didn’t know what to do about her juice and insulin. “She said, because we don’t have the machines to scan the juice to make sure this is not an explosive we do have to do a full body pat down and search your through your bags.” Of course, that’s what she wanted in the first place, but it was too late.

Mary L. G. Theroux is Chairman and Chief Executive of the Independent Institute.
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