Declaration of Dependence: Self-Evident Truths for the New Age

We hold these Truths to be self-evident; that through the beneficent hand of government, Society (50%-plus-one) ought to

1. Provide money solely to public education. History shows that public schooling does not discriminate based on color, creed, or ability.

2. Provide health care — paid for and regulated by the federal government but only available for sale within state borders. It is important to preserve “States Rights,” something southern Democrats taught us prior to 1964, but we have forgotten.

3. Provide “Money for Nothing” if a person cannot otherwise afford a house. See: “Dire Straits–Mortgage Theory.”

4 Secure against risk: let risk takers buy homes. If they lose money, the rest of us in the Village will aid our brothers and sisters by relieving them of their debt and declaring it a Year of Jubilee.

5. Take on $15 trillion in “bad” housing debt because this is the right thing to do. Hate the debt, love the debtor. See: “Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac–Nationalization.”

6. Provide free college education to everyone, according to desire and not ability. If one college graduate adds to the economy, then all of those who attend college will “grow the economy.”

7. Penalize unpatriotic savers. Impose a reverse-usury law capping the interest earned at one percent.

8. Keep interest rates low to benefit borrowers, the overworked masses of this Great Republic.

9. Make debt tax deductible and savings taxable–that will deter savers from their wicked ways.

10. Tax only the rich.

11. Issue money freely, backed by the labor of future generations. After all, the young receive a free education and the promise of future benefits. See “Contract between Generations.”

12. Print money if foreigners and our own parasitic rich will not lend at affordable rates. See “Weimar Republic, Economic Miracle.”

Postscript: “printing money” is a disloyal phrase invented by the rich in days when their numbers were far greater than they are today. Henceforth, “quantitative easing” will be used in all state-approved K-12 textbooks and all colleges receiving federal funds.

13. Publish a Dictionary of Politically Correct Language to be used in schools, government, and any entity receiving federal funds either directly or indirectly.

14. Publish civics texts stating the obvious: Society, through the beneficent instrument of government, knows best. To declare otherwise is akin to undermining parental authority. See “Family Values,” “Good Government.”

15. Never admit failure. Our democracy is an “experiment” that will grow as Society grows. I will defer to Society in all respects. As a great Italian leader put it: “everything for the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state.”

16. Coordinate 51 governments in the public interest. Complexity is necessary to make individuals realize they cannot ascertain the Big Picture. If governments conflict, individuals must wait for the ruling of the Highest Court in the Land, even if waiting takes a lifetime. What is one man’s life compared to the just rule of Society?

17. Punish companies that make “obscene profits” (exceeding zero). They are evil and ought to be regulated to the “maximum extent of the law.”

18. Require that individuals do the “responsible” thing by mandating Acts Benefiting the Common Good. If an individual cannot pay for the required act, then their parents or employer must pay. See “Childhood–Birth to 26 years.”

19. Teach that it takes a village to care for its children. Remember: we are all children of the State.

20. Tax those who do selfish things: work too hard for themselves, save for themselves, invest for their future, prosper on their own.

21. Separate Church and State. For example, “taxation is the price of civilization” will replace “In God We Trust” on our currency. What has God got to do with money? Render your money unto Caesar, not God.

22. Limit business influence in Society. We are fallen creatures and, if Society did not force us to be Good, then we would seek only our personal interests, which we do not truly know because of corporate influence. See “Advertising and Lobbying–Manufacturing Consent.”

Our founding fathers said all of this far more eloquently in their famous July 4, 1776 “Declaration” and the “Living Constitution” that followed.

We, the next generation, must maintain our Dependence for posterity.

Jonathan Bean is a Research Fellow at the Independent Institute and editor of the Independent book, Race & Liberty in America: The Essential Reader.
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