“Yes, Mr. President”: Clunkers, not Kids

Breaking news this week:

Obama’s minions attacked Senator Joseph Lieberman and other independents/moderates on health care while that same faction begged with him not to have Senator Dick Durbin kill the DC Voucher Program. Durbin pulled the plug on those poor kids and Obama signed on the dotted line. [NOTE: I am opposed to any federal involvement in education but this issue is about duplicity, not the merits of government-sponsored voucher programs]

Apparently, Illinois has two rascals in office and both were U.S. Senators (one now president): Durbin and Obama. Way to go Illinois (my home state).

Thankfully, Durbin doesn’t have a snowball’s chance of “cash for clunkering” his way into the White House. Billions for clunkers but not a dime for D.C. kids unless it flows through the rotten public school system. “Change you can believe in” is apparently change you can’t count–unless you have connections. Most poor kids do not have connections.

So far, the baby boomers have coughed up some mediocre-awful presidents. (Clinton-Bush-Obama). On a positive note, they do “feel our pain” (Clinton), know that “when people suffer government must act” (Bush), and America must lead by following and listening (Obama).

This sounds like a remake of “Yes, Prime Minister.” In that classic British comedy, the buffoon (Prime Minister) declares “I am their leader, I must follow them.” That was funny. Too bad our president is too stiff to have a sense of humor, because he really does make good copy. Glad that SNL and other outlets recognize him as a comedy asset.

Jonathan Bean is a Research Fellow at the Independent Institute and editor of the Independent book, Race & Liberty in America: The Essential Reader.
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