Blogosphere Star Provides Refreshingly Alternative Ideas

Who’s that man in blue? None other than the Independent Institute’s Research Director, Alex Tabarrok, gracing today’s Wall Street Journal’sPersonal Journal” cover as a “New Star of the Blogosphere.”

In the “rancorous” blogosphere, Marginal Revolution, Tabarrok’s blog co-written with Independent Institute Research Fellow Tyler Cowan, is singled out as offering a refreshing alternative that “point[s] toward interesting research and ideas.”

Citing the explosion in popularity of blogs written by economists by “Americans trying to understand the nail-biting financial trauma of the past several months,” the Journal points out

Marginal Revolution is one of the best-read economics blogs, attracting more than 23 million visitors since its launch in 2003.

For the Wall Street Journal article, “The New Stars of the Blogosphere,” see here.

To read and bookmark Marginal Revolution: “Small steps toward a much better world,” as part of your daily enlightenment, see here.

Mary L. G. Theroux is Senior Vice President of the Independent Institute.
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