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How To Be a Good Neighbor by Being a Role Model — The United States, Mexico, and Economic Freedom
Role modeling economic freedom and open trade are the correct policies long term, not only for the United States, but also for its neighbors and trade partners around the world.
Do Migrants Drain Wealth from America When They Send Money Home?
The reason it seems as if sending dollars out of the U.S. makes America poorer is that we individually consider cash as part of our wealth holdings.
Worst Mass Shooting in North America Still Unsolved
To this day, nobody has been jailed over the 1968 massacre in Mexico City, the worst mass shooting by far in North America.
Congenial Communications—Another Miracle of the Market
Through the ages, many observers have noted how markets promote peaceful and mutually enriching dealings among people of varying languages, customs, religions, and backgrounds.
Trump’s Mexican Poodle
A leader of Latin America’s anti-imperialist left turned into Washington’s docile poodle.
Mexican Tariff Tiff’s Backstory Includes 2016 Election Interference
Whatever one thinks of Trump tariffs on all Mexican goods, a key back story is not being reported in the establishment media.
Don’t Forget the Tlatelolco Massacre—Mexico’s Tiananmen Square
On October 2, 1968, several thousand Mexican students gathered in the Plaza de las Tres Culturas to protest the regime of PRI boss Diaz Ordaz.
A Mexican Crash Course on Free Markets
The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador—known as AMLO—has entered a crash course on the ravages of populism and statism.
Cesar Chavez: Sanctuary City Hero or Bully?
Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf yesterday declared her willingness to go to jail to protect her “sanctuary city” policy, attacking the “bully in chief” for “trying to intimidate our most vulnerable residents,” i.e., undocumented migrants. She may want to rethink Oakland’s continuing to pay homage to an earlier bully against would-be immigrants: namely, the Cesar...
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Trump’s Trade War Has Ugly Consequences
The Democrats could not have asked for a better ally than Donald Trump when it comes to trade protectionism.
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