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OSHA Vaccine Mandate Stayed at the Supreme Court
In National Federation of Independent Businesses v. Department of Labor, a majority of the Supreme Court stayed enforcement of OSHA’s COVID-19 vaccination and testing regulations. The standard issued by OSHA applies to all individuals working for employers with 100 or more employees. It requires that covered workers receive a COVID-19 vaccine or obtain a...
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Central Planning is Bad for the Economy and for Science
In the Great Barrington Declaration, distinguished medical scientists from Oxford, Harvard, and Stanford universities seek an approach that focuses on the most vulnerable to COVID and lets others lead their normal lives. The declaration had scarcely been announced when National Institutes of Health director Francis Collins tapped Dr. Anthony, director of the National Institute...
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Packers’ Quarterback Aaron Rodgers on Science and Freedom of Choice
“If science can’t be questioned, it’s not science anymore. It’s propaganda, and that’s the truth.” That was Aaron Rodgers – quarterback of the Green Bay Packers – and the 2011 Super Bowl MVP has a point.  Science is all about empirical inquiry, measurement, and testing. To ensure authenticity, scientific studies need to be replicated...
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Biden Points to President Fauci
On December 2 at the National Institutes of Health Joe Biden told reporters “I’ve seen more of Dr. Fauci than I have my wife. We kid each other. But—hey look, who’s president? Fauci.” The Biden advisor, head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, recently announced the arrival of Omicron. The Biden...
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Biden, not “Big Oil”, is to Blame for Energy Price Spikes
President Biden apparently wants Americans to believe that the major producers and distributors of fossil fuel energy (“Big Oil”) are responsible for recent price increases at the pump and looming sticker shock on home heating bills. 
California Covid Contradictions
As Katy Grimes of the California Globe notes, some 20 months after Gov. Gavin Newsom locked down the state, San Francisco city and county still do not allow the public to attend public hearings in person. The rule proved no barrier to a November 6 wedding of Ivy Getty at San Francisco City hall,...
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How Governments Botched COVID-19 Testing, Reinforcing Destructive Lockdowns and Massive “Relief” Spending
By Lawrence J. McQuillan and Jonathan Hofer The most glaring governmental failure during the COVID-19 experience in the United States has been the botched testing strategy because it allowed government authorities to “justify” devastating lockdowns and massive “relief” spending. But the lockdowns and spending could have been avoided had better testing been pursued from...
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What the FDA and NIH Have to Say About the Vaccine
Fact-checkers screening for “misinformation,” please note: everything that follows are direct quotes from the FDA Authorization Letter for COMIRNATY, the FDA-approved COMIRNATY package insert, as well as direct quotes of Diana Bianchi, director of the National Institutes of Health Institute of Child Health and Human Development.
Wuhan COVID Patients Showed Genetically Modified Henipah Virus
“Samples from early Wuhan COVID-19 patients show the presence of genetically modified Henipah virus,” reports Omid Ghoreishi of The Epoch Times. That was the finding of Dr. Steven Quay, a Seattle-based physician and scientist, and former faculty member at the Stanford University School of Medicine. In COVID-19 samples uploaded by scientists at the Wuhan...
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To Mask, Or Not? A State of Resistance
The state of resistance, in this case, is Florida. Many readers will be aware that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has prohibited mask mandates in the state, and faced some resistance from local school boards that have imposed mask mandates in defiance of the governor’s prohibition. Meanwhile, where I teach, at Florida State University, the...
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