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Who Are the U.S. Government’s Biggest Creditors?
The Treasury Department has recently revised and updated its estimates of who the U.S. government has borrowed from for its 2018 fiscal year.
How Uncle Sam’s Borrowing Binge Might Spark a New Financial Crisis
The sale of U.S. Treasuries in a relatively short period of time appears set to cause problems in global credit markets.
U.S. Government Sets New Records for Spending and Revenues
The government’s budget deficit through the first 10 months of its 2019 fiscal year now exceeds the full year deficit of $777 billion recorded in 2018.
Government Thinking Versus the Real World
Federal spending hits highest level since bank bailout and Obama stimulus.
Leviathan and the Budget Deficit
Treasury department’s new graphic helps explain deficit.
FinCEN Form 114—I’m Not the Criminal Here
FinCEN Form 114, Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts, is a mandatory report to the U.S. Treasury Department and is inherently intrusive.
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