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Fighting Coronavirus by Breaking the Chains of Needless Regulation
The coronavirus pandemic is having a major effect on the operation of the U.S. government: It is revealing where the bureaucrats’ methods of business-as-usual obstruct the vital interests of regular Americans. The increased visibility allows the Trump administration to obliterate the regulations that provide little to no value for ordinary Americans.
How Costly Are Your State’s Regulations?
Government regulations can be very costly in terms of both time and money. Though we often focus on what means in terms of federal regulations, the U.S. government isn’t the only entity generating rules that can burden individual Americans and businesses without necessarily providing any positive benefit for them. State governments also impose regulations...
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World Bank Study Finds That Deregulation Reduces Extreme Poverty
Historically in much of the world, the yoke of regulatory burden has contributed to the impoverishment of billions.
America’s Reduced Regulatory Burden
For the first time on record, the estimated cost for Americans to comply with federal regulations will go down instead of up.
Federal Health Bureaucracy Growing? Don’t Blame (Just) Obamacare
Libertarians and conservatives and others have spent five years complaining about the increased bureaucratic burden of Obamacare. New research by Sam Batkins of the American Action Forum, while not letting Obamacare off the hook, shows the problem predates the current administration. The following chart shows the burden of paperwork has increased linearly since at...
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