Tag: Pandemic
Great Barrington Declaration Authors Fire Back at NIH and NIAID Bureaucrats
California Covid Contradictions
White Coat Waste Meets White Coat Supremacy
How Governments Botched COVID-19 Testing, Reinforcing Destructive Lockdowns and Massive “Relief” Spending
Wuhan COVID Patients Showed Genetically Modified Henipah Virus
It’s Time to End the COVID Mandates
The Covid-19 Ratchet Effect is Becoming Clearer, and More Concerning 
An Ocean of Red Ink as Far as the Eye Can See
Pandemic Unemployment Fraud Tops $400 Billion
More U.S. Intelligence Failure – and a Possible COVID Coverup
MI Governor’s Rule-Breaking Is Nothing New—Here’s Why Politicians Seem to Favor Hypocrisy
Inflation Facts
Are We Witnessing the Beginning of the Covid-19 Ratchet Effect?
“Nothing We Can Do” About Trajectory of the Pandemic?
Dr. Anthony Fauci’s $417,608 Tops All Federal Salaries, but Does Performance Match the Pay?
Is Gov. Newsom Avoiding Science-Based Pandemic Policies?
The Bureaucrats of the Year
Dr. Deborah Birx Gets Pushback for Violating Her Own Standards
Early Covid-19 Vaccine Distribution Troubles Add to a Long List of Government Pandemic Failures
Sen. Dianne Feinstein Turns up in $2 Billion EDD Scandal
Lessons from 2020: A Global Perspective on Covid-19
New COVID-19 Vaccines, Same Sluggish FDA
To Live and Dine in L.A.
How Did Forecasters Get the Pandemic Economy So Wrong?
State Employment Development Department Empowers “Biggest Fraud on Taxpayers in California History”

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