Tag: Government subsidies
Parental Choice: A Better Way to Fulfill the Legacy of Brown v. Board of Education
Warren Buffet’s Non Sequitur on Taxes
Big Government Creates Political Polarization
The Truth about Tesla Motors
Government Investment in Self-Driving Cars: Leading from Behind
Health Spending Slows to a Less Alarming Pace
Tennessee’s Fracking Controversy
Government’s Burden on Young Americans
Pennsylvania, Delaware to Identify as State-Based Obamacare Exchanges
The Ex-Im Bank Redux
Obamacare’s Risk Corridors Are Back, and Bigger and Badder than Ever!
Access to Health Care Unchanged after Obamacare’s First Year
The Costs and Benefits of Ethanol
Shining Spotlight on Bogus U.C. Berkeley “Think Tank” During National Sunshine Week
Constitutional Federalism Beats Feds’ Bribery of the States
Student Debt and Default Explode While U.S. Department of Education Fiddles
Students Won’t Be Collateral Damage in California Big Spenders’ Showdown
The Anachronistic 1979 Oil Export Ban
Gordon Tullock and the Transitional Gains Trap
Third Parties Control 83 Percent of Prescription Drug Spending, Up from 52 Percent in 1993
Fascism Is Efficient, Says Andres Duany, Leading Proponent of “Sustainable Development”
Obama’s Latest Hostile Takeover Target: Private Career Colleges
After $26 Billion Paid Out, Meaningful Use of Electronic Health Records Only 4 Percent of Target
Competing for Students, Not Federal Funding, Is Still the Best Preschool Policy
The War on Poverty and the War on Drugs

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