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Right-to-Try Laws Can Help Drugmakers Combat the Coronavirus
President Trump recently announced he is extending social distancing guidelines to April 30th. He initially hoped to lift them by Easter. This is far from the first time he has changed his mind on how to best handle the coronavirus pandemic. Although frustrating, the President’s indecisiveness is understandable. The United States recently surpassed China...
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Is Right-to-Try Legislation a Bust? Time for a Second Opinion.
In 2001, twenty-one-year-old Abigail Burroughs was dying of cancer. After all conventional treatment methods failed to improve her condition, Abigail’s oncologist pleaded with the Food and Drug Administration to allow her to try Erbitux. At the time, Erbitux had not fully passed the FDA’s drug approval process. Abigail was denied access and lost her...
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My Tragic Encounter with Brett Kavanaugh Over Cancer Treatment
“It is naïve to think that public pressure has no potential to influence a judge’s opinion,” says Ronald L. Trowbridge.
New Study Finds FDA in Contempt of the U.S. Constitution
According to a recent study by the Pacific Legal Foundation, 2,094 out of the 2,952 regulations issued from 2001 until 2017 by the Department of Health and Human Services were unconstitutional.
Right-to-Try Legislation Helps Patient Battling Bone Cancer
With 42 million US citizens suffering from a terminal illness or knowing someone with one, it’s a fight that affects us all.
Political Rhetoric Against Right-to-Try Laws Continues, Undermining Support for Medical Treatments of Last Resort
Ms. Joy Silver’s criticisms of right-to-try laws are ill-conceived.
Right-to-Try Laws Help Patient with Terminal Brain Cancer
When treatments are unavailable, and prognoses are fatal, the best chance to prolong life is to consider all remaining options.
To Help the Terminally Ill, the FDA Must Deregulate
Right-to-try will never reach its potential without deregulation.
Three Reasons To Be Optimistic about Pharmaceutical Policy
Right-to-try, MDMA, and Epidolex provide examples of the power of public opinion to change the scope of government.
Putting Right-to-Try Drug Prices in Perspective
FDA regulation holds part of the blame for high drug prices.
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