Tag: Governor Gavin Newsom
Governor’s Appointed Commission Boosts Ruling-Class Pay Raises
California Coastal Commission Fines Ritz-Carlton $1.6 Million for Sins of Omission
Even in Reverse, California’s Bullet Train Rips Off Landowners and Taxpayers
California Online College a Great Deal for No-Bid Recruitment Boss
Counting the True Cost of Government Monopoly Health Care
Tourism Trade-off
Poll-ar Opposites on Death Penalty
Ramping Up State Revenue Volatility in California
Judge Shoots Down Restrictive California Gun Law
Gov. Newsom Grants a Mass Reprieve for Death Row Inmates
Time for California’s DMV to Enter the 21st Century
Ding-Dong! California’s Bullet Train Is Almost Dead!
Dodge a Bullet, Dig a Tunnel, Dole Out Dollars
Will Politicians Reform California’s Worst Pro-Criminal, Anti-Victim Laws?
Will California’s New Governor Stem the Tide of White-Coat Waste and Cronyism?
Can California’s Next Governor Gain Victory over Revenue Volatility?
A Disarming New Governor Greets a More Dangerous State

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