Tag: Government Accountability
A Black Hole in California’s Fiscal Management
Does $320 billion sound like a lot of money to spend? If you answer yes, would you agree it is a good idea to have some way of keeping track of how and where you spent that money? All the way down to the penny? Now, what if that was your job? What would...
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The Danger of Depending on Unaccountable Bureaucrats
The coronavirus pandemic is providing a treasure trove of case studies in how government bureaucrats are failing ordinary Americans. Failures to protect the public have come to pass despite many of career officials having both adequate funding and years of time to prepare for just this kind of disaster. That’s one of the two...
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Blackouts and Monopolies: Public Utilities in California
Power outages have become a way of life for Californians this fire season. Pacific Gas and Electric cut the power to nearly 3 million residents in Northern and Central California in a preemptive attempt to minimize wildfire risk during high winds and dry conditions, and the fires that erupted in Ventura, Los Angeles, Riverside,...
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Accountability for California Lawmakers Soon to Grow Dimmer
The shutdown of the California Channel is a net loss for accountability in the Golden State.
Shattering Federal Bureaucrats’ Shield of Executive Immunity
Executive immunity shields, not just the bureaucrats, but can also their entire departments from being held truly accountable.
Should Tax Disclosure Rules Apply to All Politicians?
Arbitrary discretion in enforcing laws is one of the perks of wielding political power.
Sidestepping Congress to Build the Wall
President Trump has demonstrated that he has a unique ability to drive the passions of his political opposition in the media.
Federal Judge Reinforces Ruling-Class Privilege 
Judge blocks executive orders aimed at making it easier to remove employees for poor performance or misconduct. 
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