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Federal Burden of Regulation to Increase
Next week, Joe Biden will be sworn in as the next President of the United States. With the Congress narrowly divided, his supporters don’t expect much of his policy agenda to gain traction. But he can follow the example of President Obama, who used his pen and phone to bypass the Congress and put...
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U. S. Defense Contractor Shows How Government Regulation Can Lead to Price Gouging
Government regulation contributes to stifling effective competition in the free market which leads to price gouging and excessive inflation.
Unaccountable Bureaucrats Running Amok
Americans have little hope of challenging the rules that have been imposed on them by bureaucrats running amok.
Is the Largest Cost of Federal Regulation Not Measured? Insights from the (Growing) Wells Fargo Bank Scandal
A widely-cited study by W. Mark Crain and Nicole V. Crain estimates the cost of complying with U.S. government regulations at a staggering $2 trillion per year, an amount equal to 12 percent of gross domestic product. Annual compliance costs average about $10,000 per employee. Businesses in the service sector shoulder the biggest burden...
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