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CalPERS’ High-Risk Bets to Guarantee Government Employee Pensions
It is a bellwether moment for state and local government pensions funds around the country. CalPERS, the pension fund for California state government employees, is turning to high-risk strategies to juice its investment returns.
CalPERS Gives Unqualified CEO a Bonus and Raise 
Bonuses raise eyebrows amid pension crisis.
California’s Degrees of Separation from Truth and Accountability
California pension woes exacerbated by botched appointments.
CalPERS Hides the Ball on Disability Fraud
Investigative reporting reveals rampant disability fraud.
California Should Retire the Secure Choice Program Before It Begins
Properly planning, and saving for, one’s retirement is certainly a worthy goal, but, like many other things, it can become corrupted by heavy-handed government meddling. Last year, the Legislature, and Gov. Jerry Brown, enacted Senate Bill 1234, which establishes the California Secure Choice Retirement Savings Program, a mandatory automatic retirement savings program administered by...
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The Moral Argument Governor Brown’s Inaugural Speech Left Out
As a teenager, Jerry Brown left Santa Clara University to attend a Jesuit seminary, intent on becoming a Catholic priest. Moral arguments in the context of public-policy debates have always been important to him. So during his inaugural address on January 5, as he became California’s governor for an historic fourth term, Brown quoted...
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