Tag: California High Speed Rail
A Broken Track for California’s Zombie Bullet Train
California’s costly high-speed bullet train boondoggle has officially entered a zombie-like state of existence, neither truly alive nor fully dead.
California Farmers Waiting on a Train That Will Never Come
As monumental boondoggles go, it’s hard to top California’s bullet train.
Even in Reverse, California’s Bullet Train Rips Off Landowners and Taxpayers
It’s all about spending, expanding government, and ruling-class privilege.
Ding-Dong! California’s Bullet Train Is Almost Dead!
After racking up bills of over $77 billion, California’s new governor announced that the high-speed rail project will be dramatically scaled back.
Dodge a Bullet, Dig a Tunnel, Dole Out Dollars
In his first State of the State address, California Governor Gavin Newsom announced that he is ending the state’s high-speed rail project.
The Last Refuge of Payment in Kind
Football season is in full swing, and on Saturdays, college teams rule the television sports channels. Everybody makes big money except those the people pay to watch, the players.
Construction of California’s Stonehenge Costing $3.1 Million Per Day
Until the California Bullet Train project is canceled, the one thing that can be guaranteed is that its cost will grow even higher than the $77 billion it is slated to cost taxpayers today.
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