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“Amtrak Joe” Tries to Resuscitate California’s Zombie Bullet Train
President Joe Biden is well known for having a choo choo fetish. It’s little surprise he wants to expand the already heavily subsidized Amtrak passenger rail service. If he’s successful, today’s toddlers will come to know why their grandparents came to reject the inconvenience of commuting between cities by rail. Aside from the unique...
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Buttigieg Boosts Prospects of California’s Bullet Train Boondoggle
Federal Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is on record that California’s High-Speed Rail project could “potentially” be funded by the pending $2.3 trillion infrastructure program. State rail bosses were pleased but in his Sacramento Bee report, Tim Sheehan outlines some problems with the bullet-train project. It began in 2013, but more than 500 pieces of...
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California Bullet Train Bridge a “Horrible Sequence of Mistakes”
California Governor Gavin Newsom’s diminished dream of connecting the city of Merced (population 83,964) to Bakersfield (population 390,233) has hit a snag. Several steel cables in a 636-foot-long bridge built to support construction of the project have corroded and snapped, forcing a new work stoppage on the years-long delayed project.
Pandemic Has Not Locked Down California’s Bullet Train Spending
“California’s High-Speed Rail Is the Very Definition of a Boondoggle,” headlined a commentary by Adam B. Summers nearly one year ago. Plagued from the start by fanciful assumptions, the costs “quickly ballooned from $40 billion or $45 billion to $98.5 billion,” and Gov. Gavin Newsom said the project would “cost too much and take...
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A Broken Track for California’s Zombie Bullet Train
California’s costly high-speed bullet train boondoggle has officially entered a zombie-like state of existence, neither truly alive nor fully dead.
Bullet Train Bosses Rush to Cover Their Tracks
“Thousands of pages of public records were removed from the California High Speed Rail Authority website in June,” Katy Grimes of the California Globe reports.
California Farmers Waiting on a Train That Will Never Come
As monumental boondoggles go, it’s hard to top California’s bullet train.
Even in Reverse, California’s Bullet Train Rips Off Landowners and Taxpayers
It’s all about spending, expanding government, and ruling-class privilege.
Ding-Dong! California’s Bullet Train Is Almost Dead!
After racking up bills of over $77 billion, California’s new governor announced that the high-speed rail project will be dramatically scaled back.
Jerry Brown’s ATF
Governor Brown’s record leaves a dismal legacy.
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