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Last Chance to Sign Open Letter to Obama (prominent libertarians, academics, former government officials, liberals, conservatives, etc., already on list) »

If want to add your name to this distinguished list, which includes many people well known to libertarians (see below for the names), you have until Wednesday (5:00 PM Pacific, 8:00 PM Eastern). Just send an email to Kevin Zeese at KBZeese@gmail.com and provide a brief descriptor of what you would like next to...
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Jon Stewart: Obama Launches Unconstitutional “Un”-War in Libya Without Congress »

“The president does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation.” —Senator Barack Obama, December 20, 2007 On March 19, 2011, the exact anniversary day of the beginning of the war in Iraq, Barack...
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Wikileaks: Torture, War Crimes, Thousands of Deaths »

Hundreds of thousands of new Wikileaks documents reportedly uncover another torture scandal, expose potential war crimes such as the killing of surrendering soldiers, and disclose 15,000 previously unreported deaths in Iraq. See below for the Wikileaks press conference and this interview with John Sloboda from Iraq Body Count. The administration’s position has been that...
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Great Moments in American Statesmanship »

Everyone knows that the United States of America is the greatest nation in human history. It is the land of the free and the home of the brave, whereas the people of other countries are for the most part caged and cowardly. So it comes as no surprise that the American people, being themselves...
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Robert Higgs’s Recent Interview by Libertad Digital (here in English) »

I was interviewed recently by Angel Martin for Libertad Digital, an interesting Spanish website. The interview was posted today. Topics discussed include the recent financial debacle, the current recession, the government’s recent policy actions, and several related, more general subjects, such as “regime uncertainty” and U.S. foreign policy. For those who might be interested...
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General Odierno tells the truth... »

. . . and he didn’t even realize it. While much of what we hear from the military bureaucracy about progress in the various wars is simply not true, when Odierno was asked about a change in the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, he was caught off guard and a small tidbit of truth...
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When Will the Wars End? »

A majority of Americans, including an overwhelming majority of Democrats, oppose the U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Yet the warmongering persists. The Afghanistan war has been expanded and Obama has greatly expanded upon Bush’s drone attacks in Pakistan. I predicted this would happen with an Obama presidency. Because the Democratic voters tend to...
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Al Franken, Chickenhawk »

I used to love Franken on Saturday Night Live. Although his Stuart Smally character got old very quickly, he did a wonderful Paul Tsongas impression. I’d link to an example on YouTube, but NBC takes its intellectual property very seriously and therefore hundreds of the most humorous bits ever to air on late night...
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Onion News Network: 3rd Annual “Bring Your Daughter to War” Day »

Here is the Onion News Network’s hilarious and incisive, satirical report on the “U.S. Army’s Third Annual ‘Bring Your Daughter to War’ Day”. And some good news out of Iraq. U.S. military commanders have announced that the Third Annual “Bring Your Daughter to War” Day was a great success. . . . Over 15,000...
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Reject the Proposed Statement of Historians Against the War »

It would be a disastrous strategic mistake for Historians Against the War (HAW) to adopt the proposed new statement. The statement’s assertions on domestic policies will only weaken the anti-war movement by driving away anti-imperialist libertarians and conservatives who have been among the most committed opponents of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Whereas...
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