Craig Eyermann Archive

Craig Eyermann is a Research Fellow at the Independent Institute, Managing Director of Political Calculations, and the creator of the Government Cost Calculator at

How Is President Trump’s Regulatory Rollback Coming Along?

The business of rolling back federal regulations is very much a work in progress.

Government-Pushed Ethanol Harms People, Environment

Unintended consequences abound when playing favorites with special interests.

How to Better Control the Growth of Medicare Spending

Medicare coverage based on lifetime income rather than current.

Time to Stop Taxpayer Funding for Sports Stadiums

Reviewing the exploitive policy from a bottom-line perspective.

A Sleeping Watchdog at the VA

VA Accountability Act failing to hold wrongdoers accountable.

Pay for Play on Capitol Hill

Congressional committee participation determined by lobbyist funding.

The Fiscal Impact of President Trump’s Tax Cuts

Not fully paying for themselves nor “exploding” the deficit.

Feds Spend $3M to Find Out Why Clubbers Get Drunk and Aggressive

“Unobtrusive systematic observations” conducted by federal researchers at nightclubs.

U.S. Collects Record Tax Revenue, but Deficits Keep Piling Up

The entire increase in this year’s deficit is due to spending hikes.

The Myth of “Money the Government Owes Itself”

CBO fudges national debt number in calculating the U.S. National Debt-To-Income Ratio.