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Federal Government Shutdown Theater, 2018 Edition

Congress benefits from threatening government shutdown.

Common Sense 8, Phantom Frog 0 in Federal Land Grab Case

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service attempts to designate private property in Louisiana as “critical habitat”.

Post Office Has Boom Year, Loses More Money Than Ever

Privatization looks to be the only viable option.

Reduce Ethanol Subsidies to Clean the Environment

Taking corn out of fuel and putting it back toward food production would make food more affordable while also reducing the negative environmental consequences that have resulted from the government’s multiple interventions.

Leviathan and the Budget Deficit

Treasury department’s new graphic helps explain deficit.

The Fifty-Cent Fix for the Air Force’s Broken $1,200 Coffee Cups

Another example of government waste.

The National Debt and the Control of the House

With Democrats back at the helm, more taxing & spending in sight?

Bolton: National Debt Constitutes “Economic Threat”

U.S. budget deficit projected to push around $1 trillion in 2019.

The Rise of Zombie Governments

State gov.s omit pension obligations to hide insolvency.

Timber Subsidies Like “Crack for the Agricultural Community”

Conservative Reserve subsidy proves counterproductive.

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