Tag: Trump Tariffs
Trump’s Trade War Makes Us All Losers
The commercial war between the world’s superpower and the Chinese dictatorship has affected the U.S. economy, which has dropped from an annual rate of growth of 4 percent to 2 percent.
Trump’s Mexican Poodle
A leader of Latin America’s anti-imperialist left turned into Washington’s docile poodle.
Tax Cuts and Tariffs: Policies at Odds with Each Other
According to Bloomberg, the cost of tariffs may soon exceed the benefits of tax cuts for middle earner households by a big margin.
Mexican Tariff Tiff’s Backstory Includes 2016 Election Interference
Whatever one thinks of Trump tariffs on all Mexican goods, a key back story is not being reported in the establishment media.
It’s Time for Congress To Put an End to Trump’s Tariffs
Congress should repeal all those Trump tariffs and refuse to allow the president to impose more.
Trump’s Trade Policy—A Reductio ad Absurdum
Apart from practical difficulties and impossibilities, a Trumpian trade triumph, even if it could be achieved, would be a horrible objective to attain.
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