Tag: public health
Dr. Fauci Profiteered from the Pandemic
Fauci and the Highest Stage of White Coat Supremacy
Monkeypox and Leviathan?
The CDC and Unmasking White Coat Supremacy
Vaccines and Operation Warp Speed
OWS Gets Credit for the Vaccine, But Did We Need It?
Are EUAs Deregulation or Regulatory Capture?
Why Emergency Use Authorizations Should Stay
Public Health Bureaucracies Consolidate Power as Pandemic Continues
Scientific Policy in Response to COVID-19
Fluoride Fear Makes a Comeback
Who Should Regulate Tobacco Products? Less Is More!
Government vs. Private Efforts to Promote Breastfeeding: My Response to a Critic
New Blood-Pressure Guidelines Raise Concerns about Interest-Group Lobbying
EPA Undermines the Fight Against Zika Virus
Twelve Parallels in Political Economy
Swine Flu Is the Health of the State

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