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Latest Reactionary Jive on Janus
The courts should uphold Janus and union members should spend only their own money on politics.
Federal Judge Reinforces Ruling-Class Privilege 
Judge blocks executive orders aimed at making it easier to remove employees for poor performance or misconduct. 
Two Wolves and a Sheep
This front-page headline from Friday’s San Francisco Chronicle brings to mind the old adage about democracy being two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner: “Voters Willing to Tax Wealthy.” The article goes on to detail the not-surprising results of a poll in which voters were asked to choose between...
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Public Employee Union Boycott Threat Backfires
It’s not often we get a real market test of the popularity of public employee unions, so this recent experience from Wisconsin provides an interesting peek at the real public’s perception. If a harbinger of broader public opinion, members of public employee unions may want to rethink their tactics. Owners of businesses from large...
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