Tag: Milton Friedman
More Money, More Problems: Venezuela’s Minimum Wage Won’t Help Inflation
Milton Friedman’s Solution for Social Security Would Work for Government Pensions, Too
Outsourcing Public Schooling
Freedom Is Not Compatible with Government’s Initiation of Force against Innocent People
The Economist on the Austrian School of Economics’ Relevance in Explaining the Current Crisis
“American Pie” – Altered to Lament My Life and Times as an Economist
The Business of Business is to Make Profits
Can the Dead (Capitalism) Be Brought Back to Life?
New Paper: Human Rights and Economic Liberalization
Newsweek Tries to Narrow Its Subscriber Base
Inflation Ahead
Anna Schwartz Indicts the Federal Reserve–Again
School Choice: Really Free, Semi-Free, or Flee as Fast as You Can?
Public schools = public menace?
Words Matter: Rebate, Bonus, or Free Money?

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