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U.S. Congress’ Insider Stock Trading Scandal Expands
Business Insider‘s Dave Levinthal broke a big story in the week before Christmas 2021. After a five-month investigation, he found 52 members of Congress and 182 senior congressional staffers have violated the STOCK Act. What Is the STOCK Act? The Stop Trading On Congressional Knowledge (STOCK) Act is an anti-corruption law. It requires lawmakers...
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A Black Hole in California’s Fiscal Management
Does $320 billion sound like a lot of money to spend? If you answer yes, would you agree it is a good idea to have some way of keeping track of how and where you spent that money? All the way down to the penny? Now, what if that was your job? What would...
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Should Tax Disclosure Rules Apply to All Politicians?
Arbitrary discretion in enforcing laws is one of the perks of wielding political power.
Sidestepping Congress to Build the Wall
President Trump has demonstrated that he has a unique ability to drive the passions of his political opposition in the media.
“Hell to Pay” for Hurricane Death Statistics in Puerto Rico
Governor Rosselló bears unique and direct responsibility in the withholding of accurate statistics related to Hurricane Maria’s death toll in Puerto Rico from the public.
Review: The Post Puts Freedom of the Press in Spotlight
The Washington Post is now a stalwart of the national press corps, but, as the movie The Post makes clear, its status was not assured. Neither was the future of the Freedom of the Press in the wake of Daniel Ellsberg’s leaking of The Pentagon Papers in 1971 in what may be the most...
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Whistleblower Reveals Drones Are Deadly and Poorly Used
For those interested in when and how the U.S. government uses drones abroad, getting data is difficult, if not impossible. I speak from personal experience. In writing on the use of drones internationally and domestically, I’ve found that data is sparse. Putting together anything that resembles a “comprehensive data set” means hundreds of hours...
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