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Democrats Decline an Opportunity with Senate Appointment
Governor Newsom Urges Floridians to Move to California
I’m a Floridian, and I’m Stunned by this Act of Desperation
California Covid Contradictions
California’s Vaccine Lottery is a Sucker Bet
Supreme Court Grants Injunction on California COVID Restrictions
Is Gov. Newsom Avoiding Science-Based Pandemic Policies?
Election Subtext: Most Voters Still Love American Liberty
Gov. Newsom Launders COVID-19 Restrictions
Stem Cell Boondoggle Bloats by $5.5 Billion
Did Forest Management or Climate Change Cause California Wildfires?
Coastal Commission Keeps Overheated Californians from Chilling Out
California’s Delta Water Tunnel Is a $15.9 Billion Money Pit
California Tunnel Vision Survives the Pandemic
Paycheck Protection Payouts Give Taxpayers Plenty To Ponder
Pandemic Has Not Locked Down California’s Bullet Train Spending
Will California’s Destructive Restrictions on Freelance Workers Go National?
Are Gov. Newsom’s Contact Tracers the Best for the Job?
CHiPs Are Down in California, and Federal Judge Is Down With It
California’s Legislators Commandeer Workers Comp in Coronavirus Fight
Pandemic Reading Tips
Gov. Newsom Outsources Decision to Close Gun Stores
California Coronavirus Measures Impact the Justice System
Fear: The Fuel of Government Power
Musicians Want an Out-Chorus for California’s Law Attacking the Gig Economy
How California Can Solve the Housing and Homeless Crisis

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