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As the Opioid Epidemic Worsens, We Must Look at Free Market Solutions
Ecstasy Nears FDA Approval to Treat Severe Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
The FDA Should Grant Emergency Use Authorization for Alzheimer’s Drug
New COVID-19 Vaccines, Same Sluggish FDA
Public Health Bureaucracies Consolidate Power as Pandemic Continues
Promising Alzheimer’s Drug on FDA Fast Track
More Executive Orders Will Not Fix Healthcare
The Mask Madness of Big Government
FDA Acknowledges Coronavirus Is Causing More Drug Shortages
FDA’s Approval of Generic Daraprim Offers Lessons on Drugs Prices
FDA Expands Ecstasy Access to Veterans with PTSD
Will FDA Approve Biogen’s Promising New Treatment for Alzheimer’s?
New FDA Commissioner, Same FDA Problem
Telemedicine Continues to Reach New Heights
FDA Investigates Supposed Link Between Vaping and Seizures
San Francisco’s Vaping Ban Is Doomed To Go Up in Smoke
Right-to-Try Laws Help Patient with Terminal Brain Cancer
FDA Vaping Regulations Will Do More Harm than Good
To Help the Terminally Ill, the FDA Must Deregulate
When Healthy Policy Neglects Economic Principles, Patients Suffer
FDA Still Hooked on Meddling in Nicotine Markets
Let Competition, Not the FDA, Resolve the EpiPen Shortage
FDA Approves Medical App for Contraception
Open Up Off-Label Drug Communication and Let the Market Work!
Three Reasons To Be Optimistic about Pharmaceutical Policy

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