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Just Mercy Provides Stark Warning About Death Penalty Injustice
Just Mercy is the type of drama that infuriates its audience. Based on a true story, the plot focuses on the case of Walter MacMillian (Jamie Foxx, Django Unchained, Baby Driver), an African American man unjustly accused and convicted of murder in mid-1980s Alabama. MacMillian spent six years on death row before criminal defense...
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Poll-ar Opposites on Death Penalty
This past month, Governor Newsom issued a reprieve for all 737 convicted murderers on death row.
Gov. Newsom Grants a Mass Reprieve for Death Row Inmates
Gavin Newsom serves as his own Rose Bird, and defiance of the voters may come back to haunt him.
Justices Breyer and Ginsburg Would Hold the Death Penalty Unconstitutional
Today, the Supreme Court in an ongoing effort to micromanage state laws and procedures reviewed whether a certain chemical cocktail used by Oklahoma in executions is constitutional. In a 5-4 decision, the Court rejected the challenge to the use of the chemical midazolam. What is especially of interest is a dissenting opinion in which...
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