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Adam Summers is a Research Fellow with the Center on Entrepreneurial Innovation at the Independent Institute.
California Advances Bills to Ban Thicker, Reusable Plastic Bags That It Previously Required
Move would force grocery stores to go back to paper bags and likely be worse for the environment
Fixing California’s Growing Insurance Crisis
The State Needs Free Markets—Not More Regulations—to Solve the Problem
The Perils of Running a Restaurant (or Any Business) in California
California's fast-food minimum wage hike is already claiming numerous casualties
The Plastic Bag Racket
Banning single-use plastic bags doesn’t help the environment – and may even make things worse
Court Orders Phoenix to Clean Up Homeless Encampments in “The Zone”
Residents and business owners use public nuisance laws to force action
Freedom Took a Hit During the Coronavirus Pandemic. Will It Recover?
Government Policies Hastened the Flight to Freer States
Economic Liberty Alleviates Poverty Better Than Any Government Program
Blackouts and Monopolies: Public Utilities in California
More Freedom, Not More Government (or Persistent Blackouts), Needed to Fight Wildfires
Thoughts on Housing Affordability and Homelessness in California
Making a Statement on Gun Control
California Should Retire the Secure Choice Program Before It Begins

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