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To Help the Terminally Ill, the FDA Must Deregulate »

Right-to-try will never reach its potential without deregulation.

FDA Struggles to Develop “Sugar Added” Labels for Honey and Maple Syrup »

An example of sweet intentions bearing stale outcomes.

Let Competition, Not the FDA, Resolve the EpiPen Shortage »

The only reliable remedy to mitigate shortages of any product is to allow competition in the market.

Three Reasons To Be Optimistic about Pharmaceutical Policy »

Right-to-try, MDMA, and Epidolex provide examples of the power of public opinion to change the scope of government.

EpiPen Pricing Controversy Reveals Ignorance about Market Competition »

Increased competition is the remedy to skyrocketing drug prices.

FDA Issues First Mandatory Recall for Contaminated Food »

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently issued a mandatory recall for Triangle Pharmanaturals, a Las Vegas-based herbal supplements company.

FDA Restricts Sale of Contraceptive Device »

The FDA released an order indicating its intent to restrict the sale of the contraceptive device Essure, the only FDA-approved nonsurgical permanent birth control method.

FDA Cracks Down on Online Eye-Exam Company »

This past October, the Food and Drug Administration issued a warning letter to Opternative, a company specializing in providing online eye-exams.

The FDA Plans to Regulate Nicotine in Cigarettes »

How likely are smokers to quit or cut back once nicotine levels decrease?

Politics Is Costing Lives by Delaying Right-to-Try Legislation »

Upon deeper inspection, it seems the conventional arguments against right-to-try come up short.

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