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K. Lloyd Billingsley is a Policy Fellow at the Independent Institute and a columnist at The Daily Caller.
Will Politicians Reform California’s Worst Pro-Criminal, Anti-Victim Laws?

Propositions 47 & 57 too lenient on criminals.

Will California’s New Governor Stem the Tide of White-Coat Waste and Cronyism?

Embryonic stem-cell research boondoggle comes to a head.

Can California’s Next Governor Gain Victory over Revenue Volatility?

The incoming governor claims “volatility is our enemy”.

Sacramento Slashes Fees on Housing Development

Deregulation to answer housing shortage.

A Disarming New Governor Greets a More Dangerous State

Gavin Newsom pledges to “raise the bar” on gun control.

Law of the Land: Feds Can Sell to Private Developers

Farmers, ranchers, and developers support more sales of federal land.

Judicial Waste, and a Warning for Post-Brown California

SB 1391 will bar prosecution of those as young as 14 as adults.

Exploiting Elections to Expand Government Power

CA’s ballot initiative legacy.

Proposition 209 Postscript: How the Unqualified Thrive in Government

CA Prop 209 did not end affirmative action.

What California Can Teach Harvard

CA Prop 209 laid groundwork for ending race-based discrimination.

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