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Nanny State Attacks Jewish, Muslim Manhood »

This week, a “God blogger” published a Wall Street Journal column highlighting the “circumcision wars” in California. The “intactivists” opposed to circumcision are up against Jews and Muslims (among others) in San Francisco. I’m betting with the latter groups. I think circumcision is barbaric and demeaning to men but it doesn’t rise to the…
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Bloomberg: Put Higgs’s Name on That Nobel »

In a Bloomberg report today, “Economic Recovery Is Languishing as Americans Await Signal of Better Times,” Peter Coy casts about for explanations for why the economy is not in recovery, and ends with this offer: A Nobel prize goes to whoever can end this routine and get America growing again. OK, Mr. Coy, send…
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Florida’s Fiscal Conservatism »

One implication of the sluggish economic recovery is that state governments have seen sluggish revenue growth. Different states have met those challenges different ways. Texas has been getting some publicity for its fiscal conservatism under the leadership of Governor Rick Perry, at least in part because Perry has hinted he might be a 2012…
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