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Some Thoughts on Arming Teachers
Teachers are not law enforcement officers, and as civilians under attack, they should not be expected to confront a shooter, and would almost surely be ineffective if they tried.
$13 Billion in the School Supplies “Poorhouse”
This summer Tulsa Public Schools third-grade teacher Teresa Danks made national headlines when she decided to panhandle for school supplies. Sick of spending as much as $2,000 of her $35,000 salary each year on the school supplies her classes needed, Danks decided to beg for supplies instead. Dubbed the “Panhandling Teacher,” Danks received over...
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Fed ED: Boon or Boondoggle for Teachers?
It’s National Teacher Appreciation Week, but many teachers don’t feel all that appreciated. According to a recent US Department of Education survey, teachers’ perceptions about how much autonomy they have in the classroom has steadily declined since 2003—which corresponds with increasingly intrusive federal education mandates over testing, standards, and curriculum. In particular, opposition to...
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