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MSM Schemes with Tragic Atlanta Shootings
If anyone doubted that our mainstream media (“MSM”) is untrustworthy and is promoting a Leftist agenda, the coverage of the recent Atlanta shootings should settle the matter. One week ago, 21-year-old Robert Aaron Long committed a terrible crime. He killed eight people at Asian Spas / Massage Parlors in the Atlanta area. Six of...
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Life, Liberty, and the Threat of Abortion Ambivalence
I happened to catch the headline on AOL News the other day promoting an on-line Huffington Post Live interview with 27-year-old porn star Stoya. The seven-year veteran of adult entertainment was remarkably poised, even if unsurprisingly candid, but her comments raised more than a few interesting questions about life and liberty from a broader...
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XX-: Safe-Porn Dreaming USA
To think as a young man I longed to live in southern California. Today, the state is one big caricature of Political Correctness. News item: The Los Angeles City Council passed an ordinance requiring porn actors to wear condoms. Presumably, they can perform their on-air sex acts outside Los Angeles. What is the point?...
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Child Porn Penalties and Jury Nullification
The New York Times is running an article about U.S. District Judge Jack B. Weinstein and his plan to inform juries about certain statutory mandatory minimum sentencing requirements imposed by Congress. Weinstein believes that long sentences for simply possessing child porn are improper.  He is right that individuals possessing child porn face serious time....
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