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San Francisco Supervisors Bust Dangerous Domestic Terrorist Group
San Francisco just passed a resolution calling the NRA a ‘domestic terrorist organization’
Making a Statement on Gun Control
While the boycott effort did succeed in convincing some businesses to abandon their corporate partnerships with the NRA, it also spurred a backlash that has seen a surge in membership at the NRA and other gun rights groups.
What Does DOJ Really Think About Gun Control?
According to a DOJ memo obtained by the NRA, Washington really knows that assault weapons are infrequently used in crimes and that banning high capacity magazines really will not change anything. These are just drums beat by the administration to get the public in a frenzy over the “epidemic” of gun violence. So what...
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Anti-New Deal Newsreel
Here is a rare respite for the standard pro-New Deal newsreels that usually can be found on YouTube. It is a sympathetic depiction of Fred Perkins, a battery manufacturer from York, Pennsylvania who chose to go to jail rather than obey the mandates of the National Recovery Administration.
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