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Checks and Balances Are a Feature, Not a Bug, of American Government
President Biden campaigned on an agenda that would make significant changes in many public policy areas ranging from immigration policy, tax policy, Second Amendment rights, and more. This CNN article notes that the judiciary is standing in the way of the president’s immigration policy. This Wall Street Journal article notes that the divided Senate...
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Immigration-Policy Politics Is Local, Too
Is it really the case?
No One Owns a Culture
The idea that one culture would need to defend itself from another is a fallacy.
Government Obstructions on Importation and Immigration Are Parallel Forms of Plunder
Two cases of government obstructions at the border.
National Council of La Raza Cronies Bag Big Bucks Warehousing Kids at the Border
Separation policy pre-dates the Trump administration and the kids have become cash cows.
Trump’s Nomination and Backward Immigration Policy
A few months back, I wrote on Donald Trump’s run for the White House and his economic policies. At the time, I noted that, love him or hate him, he’d gone farther than pretty much anyone had anticipated. I have to admit that I was surprised that Trump secured the Republican nomination for the...
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